Instant Photo Effects

Instant Photo Effects

Turn any photo into a professional image instantly!
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Instant Photo Effects includes hundreds of dollars worth of effects that you can apply with a couple of clicks. Simply select a category and browse previews of your photo with thousands of professional photo effects. Just click on a preview and watch the Professor perform his magic. Turn any image into a showstopper with our incredible collection of photo edges that you can apply with a single mouse click. Try the Artistic Edge Effects, apply Professional Lighting or add Photo Frames. Create Impressionist Paintings, Watercolors, Pastel Sketches or turn your photo into a Mural or Jigsaw.

Join the countless users that have proclaimed Instant Photo Effects to be the easiest program of its kind. But be warned - it's so much fun you just may not be able to stop!

Producing incredible photos isn't just for professionals any more. Instant Photo Effects makes it as simple as clicking on a mouse.

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: Will this work on my Mac?

    It's not possible to say if the application will work on Mac or not because the official website is not working anymore, therefore it's impossible to download it for testing, but based on the little information available about it, this was a Windows application.

    However, if you still have the installation package, download Wine Bottler and then you can use it on Mac because Wine Bottler makes it easy to run Windows applications while Mac is running.

    • Download Wine Bottler:
  • Question: I am looking for a CDrom of a Windows 7 version of Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects. Please can you tell me if there is a CD available?

    No, the CDROM is not available anymore. I have tried to find all the info about this product, but the official developer doesn't have it in its portfolio anymore. This means you will have to use another product in order to get something similar. Access the database of Software Informer in order to look for a product similar to this one. There are plenty nowadays to choose from.

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